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Joe Foreman &

Joseph “Joe” Foreman : 1953 – 2021

Who is this guy? Well…

“Captain Joe to many, mentor Joe to hundreds, and Joe our friend to all.”

40 year service to the McHenry Community with McHenry Township Fire Protection District as a firefighter / Paramedic, trainer, with the rank of Captain upon retirement.

Nearly four decades as the longest tenured (and first) employee of Medcor Inc., commonly referenced as “Mr. Medcor.”

Joe first became involved with the Joshua Mission in 2019 with a mission trip to Jamaica. Not sure who enjoyed themselves more, Joe or the patients that he saw. The people loved him there and I believe some of the women there had a crush on him! Anyway, he came back the next year with the same results and reactions. He also made acquaintances with the local fire / rescue department there. He spent time with them going over equipment that was donated by Medcor and others.

Joe has brought joy and smiles to many people, comforted those in pain, rescued them from trauma, and given people hope. He has served inside and outside of his community, spreading his knowledge and caring for others.

This is who he was. And we honor him for his life, commitment to others, and the goodness he has left us all. Thank you Joe, we miss you but will always remember you

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