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Experience a Joshua Mission

In Jamaica cardiovascular diseases account for four of the five leading causes of death and remain one of the greatest challenges to the health of the nation. Diseases such hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes, strokes and heart disease could be prevented with simple cardiovascular screenings. The distressing thing is that the risk factors are silent killers and by the time residents start to have symptoms, there would possibly be damage; so screening is really the only way of knowing. We have identified that a medical cardiovascular screening program with qualified medical staff, lab evaluation, education and medications is a helpful resource to decrease cardiovascular disease. The Joshua Mission knows that our volunteers are the core of what we do and we appreciate each and every volunteer, donor, supporter and friends that joins us in doing "one kind act to heal a community".

Hope Is Where the Heart Is - We want to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe a single action of compassion can make a difference in the community.



Clinic Day-People of the Negril community

Focusing on communities where preventive medicine and healthcare education is available or affordable, gives that community a chance to live a healthier life. We have caring healthcare professionals and others who volunteer, dedicate their time, skills, and their hearts for serving to make sure that attention is given to each individual that come to our clinics. The response from the community is overwhelming with gratitude and happiness.

Medical Clinic


Clinic Lab

Clinic Pharmacy


Patient Consulting

Home Health Visits

Taking Commitment to Serve to the Community

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Community Project Volunteers


In addition to our healthcare volunteers’ organizations sponsors, such as the Rotary Club Fox Valley Sunset, not only provide financial support but many volunteers for our mission trips and volunteer for community projects.

If you wish to participate to “Experience a Joshua Mission Trip” click the link below to contact us.                       

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