One kind act to heal a community

Focusing on communities where preventive medicine and healthcare education is available or affordable, gives that community a chance to live a healthier life. 

We have caring healthcare professionals and others who volunteer, dedicate their time, skills, and their hearts for serving to make sure that attention is given to each individual that come to our clinics. The response from the community is overwhelming with gratitude and happiness.

The Joshua Mission knows that our volunteers are the core of what we do and we appreciate each and every volunteer, donor, supporter and friends that joins us in doing "one kind act to heal a community".

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Our Story

Josh, the Cabinet Maker

Josh was a cabinet maker in his early 50’s who lived and worked at the end of the lane where our medical director, Susan Bartsch, stayed on our visits to Negril. She and her husband did not stay in the
resorts; instead they would reside in the community with the Jamaicans. Often while visiting Susan would perform health exams for the locals and this is when she met Josh.
He asked check “his pressure”. Much to her surprise, Josh’s blood pressure
was quite elevated. He was not taking any medications; he didn’t have any money to see a doctor, and couldn’t pay for medications. Susan checked his blood pressure the next day and it was even higher. After a concerned discussion and lots of encouragement, Susan told Josh he would end
up having a stroke or be put on dialysis if he did not get his blood pressure under control. On the third day, when she was looking for him, his workers told her that she had scared him enough that he went to see a doctor. Josh got a checkup and was put
on blood pressure medication. On their yearly visits to Jamaica, Susan continued to check on Josh and learned that he had suffered a “mini-stroke.” Josh didn’t always take his
meds because of cost so he would take them every 2nd or 3rd day to make them last. Thankfully, his symptoms were resolved and he would return to work. For Josh, he only needed to take a generic blood pressure medicine at a cost of $4
for a monthly supply to prevent progression of his disease.
Susan shared Josh’s story with her pastor, Dr. Michael Love; it touched his heart and he shared her vision with others and together a team of professionals were organized to travel and provide cardiovascular screening services to the Jamaicans.
This was the beginning of The Joshua Mission, Inc.